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    Because no two patients are precisely alike, it’s important that every person receives care that’s custom-tailored to their unique needs. If you’ve received cookie-cutter chiropractic in the past, rest assured that you won’t get that here. The care we offer not only can get you out of pain but on the path to living your best life.

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  • I had never been to a chiropractor. So, from hearing different stereotypes, you don’t know. My experience was very productive and I am glad that I went. I look forward to continuing to progress and see the doctor regularly. Thank you.

    -Charles M.
  • I absolutely love coming here!! Friendly staff and the Doc is the best!!

    -Tyrell I.
  • I felt heard when Dr. Swedberg was listening to my concerns. He knows the human body well & how to promote its healing. Valerie is so sweet & helpful. I enjoy my experience.

    -Nicole C.
  • Probably best chiropractor we’ve ever been to! Very thorough!

    -Jordan S.
  • I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Dr. Swedberg is so knowledgeable and takes time to listen and really figure out how to help you feel your best.

    -Mary Megan T.
  • GREAT staff!

    -Jacqueline P.
  • I was impressed by what I learned about my body and how the right chiropractor can help it.

    -Ron B.
  • Doctor and staff were GREAT!

    -Mary T.
  • Amazing results, amazing doc & amazing staff!

    -Jacqueline P.
  • I have been raving about my experience during my first office visit to just about everyone I’ve seen this past week. I could not have been more pleased with my first appointment and have thanked Ron Berg profusely for his recommendation of Dr. Swedberg!

    -William B.
  • Looking forward to keeping my body feeling good with routine alignment and adjustments!

    -Rebecca S.
  • Great person, helpful, and attentive.

    -David J.
  • Thanks so much for your help correcting my insurance error!

    -Jeff K.
  • I feel instant relief! I cannot wait to go back next week for my followup!

    -Latyshia A.
  • You all took the time to understand, & you seemed to really care. I felt comfortable from the get go. Thank you!

    -Laura W.
  • Probably the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. Excellent.

    -Jeff S.
  • The sciatica pain in the buttock is gone. I did experience some overall soreness the day after, but doctor said that might happen. I am optimistic treatments will help me, and realistic that all pain might not be gone, but that major source of discomfort will be relieved.

    -Lynn D.
  • My whole experience was warm and welcoming!!

    -Tamara S.
  • My experience at Body Balance Chiropractic was great. Everything was well organized, I was seen on time and I learned a lot about how to take better care of my body. Dr. Swedberg was very helpful and I felt a tremendous amount of relief after my first, second, and third appointment. I am very pleased with them and I plan to go back.

    -Sandra C.

Albuquerque Chiropractor for Optimal Health

Chiropractor Albuquerque NMIf you’ve been searching for a safe, drug-free and effective way to enjoy better health, we invite you to experience the incredible benefits of chiropractic care at Body Balance Chiropractic. Albuquerque Chiropractor Dr. Alfred Swedberg is passionate about helping patients of all ages feel their best, naturally.

Boosting Your Well-being

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, professional athlete or member of an active sports family, we look forward to helping you perform at your best and enjoy a greater sense of well-being. When your spine is functioning at its peak through chiropractic care, you’ll be equipped to take on the various activities and sports in life that you love.

We offer a variety of chiropractic techniques, including low force, instrument ones that get you excellent results. Pulsed Energy is another tool in our toolbox that promotes healing of acute and chronic conditions. At every visit, Dr. Swedberg will check you and determine what needs to be adjusted. We are confident that you’ll experience positive changes after each chiropractic session with us.

Offering Yoga On-site

Yoga is an ideal complement to chiropractic care. Our building features a yoga studio that is run by Jodi Call. She, along with her talented instructors, offers an array of yoga and wellness classes, including meditation, gentle yoga and restorative yoga. Body Balance Yoga offers competitive rates and a flexible class schedule. To find out more about Albuquerque yoga, visit the Body Balance Yoga website and schedule a session for our next class.

Get on the path to optimal health and wellness at Body Balance Chiropractic. Book an appointment today with our Chiropractor Albuquerque Dr. Swedberg!