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Dr. Alfred Swedberg

Meet Dr. Alfred Swedberg

Experiencing Chiropractic’s Eye-opening Effects

“Crack! I remember my first adjustment being a real eye-opening experience! I felt instantly better with decreased pain and a sense of relaxation.” Dr. Swedberg wasn’t scheduled for the adjustment but was just in the office picking up his sister-in-law Fran. “The next thing I knew I was getting adjusted. I did not know what chiropractic was or what it did; I just knew I used to drive by a chiropractic office on my way home from school.”

Deciding to Become a Chiropractor

“Following that first adjustment, Dr. McDonough loaned me books, had me watch chiropractic videos (all unsolicited), and soon the seed was planted — I decided to become a chiropractor.” Dr. McDonough presented chiropractic to Dr. Swedberg through his excitement for the career. “The thought of improving health without drugs or surgery sounded amazing to me!” Although his first adjustment was a manual one, Dr. Swedberg realized there are many options for how the adjustment can be delivered today that are gentle and effective.

Obtaining a Chiropractic Education

To earn his Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Swedberg attended Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City because the class sizes were relatively small and everyone seemed friendly. “Cleveland Chiropractic College is known for developing excellent adjusters and for being the second oldest chiropractic school in existence. I graduated summa cum laude, and was the class valedictorian.”

Tying It All Together

“I like to think about chiropractic in terms of improving function throughout the body by taking pressure and stress off of the nervous system, which is the master system of the body.” As this system controls and coordinates all the other systems and relates the individual to their environment, miracles can happen, according to Dr. Swedberg.

banner-contact-usLiving a Healthy Lifestyle in Albuquerque

Outside the practice, Dr. Swedberg likes to hike, take pictures and attend his kids’ sporting events. He has been the team chiropractor for his daughter’s softball teams. “I love to get adjusted every other week. I like to eat whole organic foods whenever possible and avoid processed foods. I believe in taking whole food supplements and enzymes and avoid synthetic vitamins.” On weekends, he likes to get outdoors and hike the multitude of beautiful trails in New Mexico.

Improve function and experience better health with drug-free chiropractic care. Schedule a same-day appointment today with Dr. Swedberg!

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