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Best I’ve Felt

I appreciated how patient Dr Swedberg was with me making sure my adjustment was complete. Best I have felt after an adjustment in a long time.

~Lee M.

Going Above and Beyond

Thank you for going above, beyond, and better. My wife and I are lucky to have found you. We are blessed to have you on our journey.

~Mike O.


Dr. Swedberg has tailored in office treatments to best treat my lower spine issue. He also provided a stretching and strengthening in home program and continues to train me on proper body position with the exercises. I am hopeful that together we can take away the chronic pain I have been experiencing for many months.

~Lonnie B.

Top-Notch Chiropractor

It’s hard to find a good chiropractor, I have been to several and Dr. Swedberg is definitely a top-notch chiropractor. The first visit was very thorough. He used techniques that I have not seen others use before and addressed any concerns I had. Thanks!

~Ashlee B.

My experience at Body Balance Chiropractic was great.

Everything was well organized, I was seen on time and I learned a lot about how to take better care of my body. Dr. Swedberg was very helpful and I felt a tremendous amount of relief after my first, second, and third appointment. I am very pleased with them and I plan to go back.

~Sandra C.

Could Not Have Been More Pleased

I have been raving about my experience during my first office visit to just about everyone I’ve seen this past week. I could not have been more pleased with my first appointment and have thanked Ron Berg profusely for his recommendation of Dr. Swedberg!

~William B.

Feeling Amazing

I am so happy I was referred to this office. My back hasn’t felt this good in many years. I am referring all my friends and family.

~Mary R.

The Office is a Stress-Free Zone!

Even though my neck and back felt out of alignment and my body was sore, I was extremely reluctant to have a chiropractic adjustment. The car accident I had just suffered exacerbated my PTSD and TMJ. Nonetheless, from my first visit to Dr. Swedberg’s office, my concerns were put at ease. The office is a stress-free zone, with a very helpful, caring staff, soothing classical music, and other thoughtful details. Dr. Swedberg’s technique is gentle yet most effective. He is systematically bringing my body into homeostasis and I am most grateful.

~ Cristiane M.

Excellent Adjustment

In addition to an excellent adjustment, I really appreciated the introduction to Foundation Training to help to correct my slumping posture. At 70 I’m trying to stay as flexible and active as possible and I feet that Dr. Swedberg will help me achieve this goal. I feel very fortunate to have found a great doctor and a wonderful staff. Thank you!

~ Jean P.

Sciatica Pain Gone!

The sciatica pain in the buttock is gone. I did experience some overall soreness the day after, but the doctor said that might happen. I am optimistic treatments will help me, and realistic that all pain might not be gone, but that major source of discomfort will be relieved.

~ Lynne D.

I had never been to a chiropractor.

So, from hearing different stereotypes, you don’t know. My experience was very productive and I am glad that I went. I look forward to continuing to progress and see the doctor regularly. Thank you.

~Charles M.

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